Our Process

At Leadership Up, our process is centered around developing personal awareness with concrete values based actions to create concrete results.

The Leadership Up process is a customizable program of self-awareness, individualized development goals, and leadership presence that is both challenging and effective. The process takes focus and commitment from both the Leadership Up Coach and the Leader being coached.

Setting the Foundation

We begin our process with our clients, we develop objectives, work with some highly valid assessments so that both the Coach and The Client become more aware of who the client is and work to identify both the beliefs that may be working in a positive direction and the beliefs that may be standing in the way of Excellence in Leadership.

Gaining Optimal Perspective

We use a highly personalized 360-degree assessment that is customized for each Leader. This invaluable information is used to determine the gaps in awareness and is used in combination with the goals of the client to co-create the final plan for personal and professional development of the leader.


Once the plan is in place the Leader and the Coach will meet either by Skype or Telephone once a week for three weeks each month to work through the development plan and move the client forward. This is the most important part of the process and requires commitment from the Client to the meetings, the agreed upon shifts in perspective, action plans and follow through.


Leaders who take responsibility for their personal and professional growth see both tangible and intangible results. The Return on Investment for Coaching is obvious and tangible. Our clients tell us that once they go through our process, they are able to execute their mission and fulfill their purpose more effectively, with confidence and ease like never before.

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At Leadership Up we believe that Positive Leadership Creates Positive Results. Having the desire to be a Purposeful, Positive Leader is an extremely important and necessary part of the process. You also need learnable skills that you can apply for maximum results. Our highly-experienced group of coaches take you on the personal and professional journey required to create the positive results you want.



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