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Coaching is a partnership designed exclusively for your benefit.

Our team has extensive experience in coaching high impact leaders and those who want to be. When you work with a LeadershipUp Coach, you are committing to working towards working at your highest potential. Our team has the experience, passion and drive to be your connection to your own influence and impact. Contact us today and we will begin the journey to authentic powerful leadership.


Jille Bartolome, MCC
Leadership Up Founder and Leadership Coach

Jille is a delight to be around. She is genuine, trustworthy and light hearted in her approach and at the same time can get to the bottom of a situation with laser sharp focus, ease and grace. She has a diverse background that includes leadership, marketing, sales and has been a Coach since 1996.

Jille has been called “The Velvet Hammer” by her colleagues and clients because of her soft, unassuming presence and her ability to hit the nail on the head with her edgy, confident questions that propel her clients forward.

Jille is committed to excellence and best works with client who are ready to be at their full potential.

Tracy D. Flori
Leadership Coach

Clients comment on Tracy’s consistent, strong ability to work effectively with every level of an organization. Tracy’s belief that “each and every employee’s full engagement is essential to a high performing organization” is one of her many keys to success. According to one executive, Tracy demonstrated an “amazing ability to reach across cultural barriers to bring people together…With her help, we integrated and upgraded all supply chain business practices to include people, process, and technology.” An executive coaching client stated, “The coaching with Tracy was invaluable and has helped me approach workplace relationships in a more sophisticated and informed way.”


Lynn Zettler, PCC
Leadership Coach

Lynn Zettler is an Executive and Professional Coach who has served business owners, and C-suite and corporate professionals, since 2006.  Leveraging from her 20-year corporate and leadership experience from The Dow Chemical Company, and Coach University training, Lynn partners with clients to develop their leadership and communication styles, while aligning with their integrity and vision.


Carlene Bauwens
Leadership Coach

Carlene has a gentle presence that puts her clients at ease while challenging them and keeping them focused. She has proven that it is possible to advance the mission-critical goals of the organization and confidently apply the unique gifts and strengths of each person in the organization.

The combination of her current experience as a business entrepreneur and Coach, and prior experience in the corporate world offer her clients the best of Coaching in careers and leadership.

An executive coaching client stated, “Coaching with Carlene gave me new perspective on how I was viewed as a leader. This was invaluable as it motivated me to change how I was interacting with others. Communicating in this new way has a created a more positive work environment for everyone.”


At Leadership Up we believe that Positive Leadership Creates Positive Results. Having the desire to be a Purposeful, Positive Leader is an extremely important and necessary part of the process. You also need learnable skills that you can apply for maximum results. Our highly-experienced group of coaches take you on the personal and professional journey required to create the positive results you want.



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